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I am totally excited to launch my new website to you all
but who the heck am I and what’s ModHealth?
My name is Kym and it may interest you to know that I’m a Mum of 4 and I used to work as a  Midwife.
It was here I discovered that whilst  I loved caring for women and their babies I knew I wanted to help women in a different way -and from home!
It was meant to be when I discovered a super easy program that helped busy Mums feel great and get healthy again( I know this because I was in the same situation but I was a little lost with the HOW)
So now, a little bit about ModHealth.
I started my business 16 years ago after myself and my hubby lost weight ( a whopping total of 30 kilos) – which had never happened like that with all the other diets I had tried.
 After that everyone wanted to know what we were doing and that crazy snowball effect happened.
Then my little biz became very busy and we needed to get serious with programs and recipes to make it easier for people to achieve their goals.
Did you know we have assisted more than 10000 people like (see photo) Samantha? Not only do women like her lose the weight but they gain knowledge about how to keep it off and not experience that rebound effect.
So that’s what we will be all about here- we will have great recipes, inspiring posts, and lots more.
Here’s to your health because you deserve to feel amazing!