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Before and After!


This before photo is what made me stop saying I’ll do it ….. Instead I did it! And wow, what a journey it was. 40days and more than 12kg later here’s what I look like now.  My work pants were so tight on me, they would cut into me and I had to undo them just to breathe and now minus 10cm from my waist…..  I’ve traded them in for a new much smaller size!  I am healthier than I have been in years, my skin and hair looks and feels great, I have nails which in my line of work is almost impossible and I am much happier in life.  It feels amazing!!  Thank you Micky and Adam for your support throughout this awesome Detox journey”.


In early August after trying and failing with multiple different weight loss programs I made the commitment to myself to give the Clean living detox program a try and work on removing the nasty toxins from my body and hopefully leave behind some unwanted toxic fat.

I commenced the program with the idea of doing a 3 week cycle but 1 week in and already seeing the fat melting away so easily I decided that I would go the full 6 week option.

Fast forward to the end of the 6 week detox and boy ohh boy what a change!

I have left behind 20.1kgs of toxic fat!!!

Not only have I shed this weight, my health has improved, prior to commencing I was taking high BP medicine, now my BP is a very healthy 120/70.  I sleep so much better, I have so much more energy and no longer do I find myself struggling to get through the afternoon at work without feeling tired and exhausted.”


I released 15kgs and have kept it off. I feel energetic and can function better at work.

I started the program back in May and have had fantastic results. Once that 21 day Detox stage was done I dived into the maintenance step and loved the freedom of adding extra food back into my diet.  I was shocked that I still kept losing weight!  Making healthy food choices and using the great nutritional support also helped!”


I dropped 5kgs in 30 days. I feel more energetic and have lost my beer belly


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