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About Me

My Journey

My journey into health and wellness started many years ago – I started my working life as a nurse. I loved the caring aspect of this job but was frustrated that traditional medicine took a narrow view on health and much of what I did was caring for people who were already quite sick. The emphasis was on curing ailments rather than preventing them. I believed in a more holistic approach that focuses on more than curing the body. My approach is to look at the entire body, the consider prevention and ongoing support for the body.

Looking back now, things really changed in my life in 2011. I was sitting on the edge of the pool contemplating which weight loss program I would ‘try’ this time. I had previously tried 14 others and that is just programs, not how many times I had attempted each one- I dread to think of the time, effort and money I have invested into these failed ventures.

I was overweight, sluggish and felt every minute of my age but at 43 I should have been in the prime of my life. I had a busy family and felt like I was barely keeping up. My hormones were out of control, I suffered horrible acne. Throughout that holiday, I felt sad – conscious that I was both slow and uncomfortable. It was a real turning point.

I met a friend who kindly shared a health and wellness program and guess what – it worked!

The changes that my body underwent were amazing. I found me! I regained energy, my hormones stabilized, and my skin cleared up. I felt full of life as my body released 14kg. Most dramatic was the ‘new norm’ I felt. The niggling issues caused by an inflamed gut were gone and I was now living with a different standard of comfort as my body was functioning as intended.

As if this new found, vibrant women that I had become was not reward enough in itself, I also found a new passion. I had always loved helping people – it is really why I became a nurse. This program allowed me to share my story and success with others. I was truly excited to be simply helping others achieve their health goals. It hardly seemed true that this would be my new career. It was simply so rewarding.

So more than 7 years on and my passion is steadfast – I truly believe that you deserve to feeling amazing. In fact, we all do.

My goals are to share my message of health and wellness with as many people as possible. I have helped people across the globe and now have my own dedicated team.

I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved, both personally and on a larger scale, with my team and all of my wonderful clients.

I strongly believe in following your gut – so if this feels like the right thing for you, get in touch and let’s chat. We offer 1-on-1 mentoring and support to help you achieve your own health and wellness goals.

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